Ready-made Dreamcatchers




X-small (4” diameter) two-toned dreamcatcher in black and grey faux suede cord with black and grey feathers and white glow-in-the-dark beads.

Fossil: Squid tail from Morocco (350 million years old!)

Meaning: Revered by many cultures for centuries, Fossils, because of their age, are often used as talismans for protection and long life. They are links to the past and, as such, can be helpful for past-life visualization and increased knowledge of ancient ways. Fossils are associated with the earth element, which can heighten intuition.

History: This was a prehistoric squid related to the modern day squid, nautilus and octopus family. They are also called cephalopods meaning that their head and tail protruded from the same opening of the shell. They had a cone shaped shell; and may have reached 60 feet in length by building larger chambers onto their shell. This specimen was found in Morocco and dates back to the Devonian period, 359-416 million years ago.

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