Goodbye, Grandma

FamilyJulia Gomelsky

On Friday, March 30, we said goodbye to our beautiful grandma Tamara Aleksandra Bashmakova. She was a doctor when she was younger, a singer/dancer when she was older and a diva, always. She loved to be surrounded by beautiful things, loved to perform and sing for people and if you were lucky, you got to hear her. We will miss her generous spirit but thankful it lives on in our memories that we will cherish forever. Dosvidanya, grandma, we love you so much.

 Grandma in her favorite reading chair

Grandma in her favorite reading chair

 My twin sister, Vika and I with our beloved grandma

My twin sister, Vika and I with our beloved grandma

Scenes from New York

TravelJulia Gomelsky

I just got back from a fun trip to New York, where I joined my sister Victoria at her stay at the Four Seasons, Downtown. We were there for 3 nights (courtesy of Breitling, thank you very much) and then I slummed it for two nights at her apartment in Brooklyn Heights. 

With the exception of our arriving day, it was cold and rainy every day but I still enjoyed beautiful dinners, shopping at Century 21, The Oculus, Touring my sisters Offices at One WTC, Spa Day at the hotel and my favorite,  the Met.

Here are a few highlights:

New York City

The Big Apple

I Love New York

Inside the Oculus

One World Trade Center (where my sister works when she's in NY!)

View from the 60th floor at One WTC

View from the 60th floor (the viewing room) at One WTC

View from the 60th floor (the viewing room) at One WTC

The Vogue Library, where every single issue of Vogue is archived (along with Glamour and GQ)

The exceptional stay at Four Seasons, Downtown

The Lobby

Our room on the 16th Floor

Beautiful William Eggleston and David Hockney exhibits at The Met

Tucson Finds

Healing Stones, TravelJulia Gomelsky

I scored in Tucson! I got a box full of crystal quartz, loads of agate for special dreamcatchers, a few gifts for friends (amethyst and pendulums), a gift for myself (glass beads) and even a horn for my dad! I love the magic of Tucson and the gem stones I found!

Annual Trip to Tucson

TravelJulia Gomelsky

It's that time of year again! Every year, I join my sister in Tucson, AZ for the gem shows! This time, we know exactly where to go for the best finds and I plan to full stock up on all gemstones and especially agate! I will be making a special agate collection, so stay tuned!

DreamCatchRepeat travels to Tucson, AZ

Holiday Getaway

TravelJulia Gomelsky

Every Christmas, our friends Michelle (from New York) and Mark (LA) join our family for a very Gomelsky Christmas followed by a getaway the following day. This year, we surprised Mark and Michelle with a trip and kept it a secret until we got there. It was very close, to Topanga, but felt like we were so far away. We stopped in Malibu for a very splashy lunch (with bloody marys all the way around), ocean front enjoying the sun with a little buzz. Then we hung out in the sun some more in the canyon and had a great time belly laughing and talking trash. We ended our night with an incredible dinner at Inn of the Seventh Ray, such a beautiful space, all outdoors with lights everywhere. 

What a memorable, wonderful time we had that I will always remember with a huge smile of all our hilarious moments, jokes, hashtags, mooning and other nonsense!

Holiday getaway to Topanga

Holiday Market in Arcadia

EventsJulia Gomelsky

Last Saturday, my sister and I set up shop as a vendor at Artisanal LA Holiday Market in Arcadia. It was a bit of a disappointment in that it wasn't busy, people weren't buying and we were just in the wrong market. Arcadia is predominantly Chinese and let's just say that dreamcatchers are definitely not their aesthetic. But it was a good learning experience and my sister and I had a great day talking shit and bonding. I was very happy with my space, I love the minimal design using nature, letting the dreamcatchers speak for themselves. 

Handmade dreamcatchers, Artisanal LA

DCR Exhibiting at Artisanal LA, Arcadia

EventsJulia Gomelsky

I'm so excited to announce that Dream Catch Repeat will be one of the 150 vendors at Artisanal LA's Arcadia Holiday Event! This is very last minute and I am hustling to stock up inventory with new dreamcatchers in all sizes and necklaces.

If you're in the Arcadia area, please come by and see us!

Here are the details from Artisanal LA

City of Arcadia Holiday Market / December 9 / 11a-6p / South 1st Street, Arcadia
Free + Family Friendly | Free Parking Nearby
Our favorite event of the year! 100+ indie makers, crafters, and chefs line the streets of beautiful Arcadia’s Downtown District for you to shop, sample, and eat your heart out. With twinkling lights, snow, a pet-friendly Santa, holiday music, and more this event is our favorite way to shop local and usher in the Holidays. Produced in partnership with the City of Arcadia and the Downtown Arcadia Improvement Association. Mark your calendars now for this special event.

Downtown Arcadia, Dream Catch Repeat exhibiting at Artisanal LA

New: Long Peacock Wrap Necklace

AccessoriesJulia Gomelsky

A new necklace idea! This one is quite long (about 70"), so it can be wrapped around the neck several times to desired length (wrap more for shorter necklace). Two iridescent peacock feathers are secured with black and white beads. 

Peacock meaning: Vision, Royalty, Spirituality, Awakening, Guidance, Protection, Abundance. The peacock is also identified with Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth. It is believed that keeping peacock feathers in the home will bring wealth and prosperity.

Peacock feather wrap necklace

Tribe Market

Julia Gomelsky

This weekend, my sister Victoria and I went to see the Gomelsky display at Tribe Market at the historic Lombardi House in Hollywood. They were one of six brands there, tables set up with just a few products each. Everything was so beautiful, including clothing, handbags, shoes and more. Of course my favorite was Gomelsky and their new line of watches. It still tickles me so much to see our name out there!


Agate Necklace

Julia Gomelsky

I'm re-thinking the gemstone necklace idea and had an interesting thought this morning. Here are a couple prototypes. I'm still working on perfecting them but like where it's heading.


Gemstone Necklaces, an Idea in the Making

Accessories, Healing StonesJulia Gomelsky

I've been thinking of new necklace ideas that feature stones and how to use them so they are not only beautiful but secure. I woke up with an idea to use agate since it already has a hole in the center. I don't want to braid these necklaces like I do with the feathers, but have a very simplified design. I'm thinking I need to secure them around so the necklace isn't all over the place. It's a work in progress, but you can see it in its simplest form here.

 Green agate

Green agate

Higher Learning

Events, Travel, WellnessJulia Gomelsky

I'm back from my wonderful weekend of deep rest at my first TM retreat and I want more! I loved spending time alone and also with fellow TM-ers.. meditating in a large group always feels so good. I loved hearing the instructors talk about their experiences with the Maharishi and how TM has changed their lives. It's really inspired me to learn the advanced techniques so I too can gain more peace. Another retreat (next time a week) is definitely in my not-so-distant future.

meditate, Dream Catch Repeat