Women's March, Downtown LA

Yesterday, my sister and a group of friends were a part of the Women's March, Los Angles. We march for not only women's rights, but human rights, dignity, equality and democracy everywhere. Basically, shit we shouldn't even have to protest but given the new presidency, we have to. There were and estimated 750K people marching in LA - the largest protest in LA history and the largest group nationwide (with Washington D.C at 200,000, New York at 500,000). I was so proud be a part of the movement and was overwhelmed by the compassion and kindness of people. From the beginning on the metro train, every stop we made, the crowd would cheer and welcome everyone on. Even though were very cramped and where I didn't we could make any more room for the new people boarding, somehow we did. And everyone had a smile on their face! It was truly a remarkable day in history, peaceful everywhere, and one I will never forget.

EventsJulia Gomelsky