One Year Passed

One year ago today, my sweet little Bird flew away. He had many names: Brody Bee, Brody Bear, Brody Bird, Bird, Little Brownie, Munchkin, Happy. Then there's the turkey series, coined by my sister: Turkey, Turkey Pie, Turkey Sandwich, Turducken (her favorite). But Bird is what stuck the most. I miss his sweet, gentle nature, his kind caramel honey eyes, his happy smile. But most of all, I miss being his mom. I miss taking care of him, of making him delicious food (organic beef, salmon, even pork bellies), I miss our long hikes, our meditations together and I miss his beautiful face looking at up at me. He was such a unique boy with his one white paw (my friend use to call him Michael Jackson). He was so unique in fact that I'd often get stopped on the street with people asking me what kind of dog he was (Corgie mix) and commenting how beautiful he was. I was such a proud mama with my beautiful, well-behaved boy. He was so sweet and calm, almost cat-like. Even people who weren't necessarily dog people were drawn to him. He just had a way about him. I was so lucky to have him in my life, he made it so full and happy. I love and miss him beyond words but know he is always with me and I am still learning to live with him in spirit.

Brody Bird