Highlights from Russia and Israel

I'm back from a two week whirlwind to Russia and Israel! What a fantastic trip, with full days filled with activities, boat rides and of course, vodka. St. Petersburg is such a beautiful city and I'm so happy we were there at the perfect time to enjoy the White Nights. The weather was brisk and wet some days but also sunny and warm other days. Overall, very pleasant! We ate well, lots of pelemeni dishes (Russian dumplings) and pickled things. We went to the Russian Museum, The Hermitage, took a hydrofoil boat to Peterhof, Peter's summer palace (it's the Versailles of Russia). and visited the home of where my father lived, my mother lived and where we all lived as a family just outside the city. I enjoyed every moment and was such a special trip to experience St. Petersburg with my parents and twin sister. 

Israel was a stark contrast with the Mediterranean weather and high humidity. No time to waste here either! We visited Jerusalem (the Wailing Wall), Masada, the Dead Sea, Tel Aviv and stayed with family in Ashqelon.  We enjoyed Shabbat dinner and got blessed with red strings on our wrists before entering the walls of the Old City in Jerusalem. So many wonderful experiences that are now beautiful memories I will cherish forever. Thank you to my amazing parents for organizing everything and giving us the trip of a lifetime!

St. Peter's Square shot from inside The Hermitage

City streets at night

Canals of St. Petersburg

The crowds at Peterhof

Moody St. Petersburg sky

The Church on the Spilled Blood

Architecture as seen from a boat ride through the canals

The Russian Vodka Museum

The Opening of the Bridge, shot from a boat ride

The Neva River

Inside the Old City walls, Jerusalem

Tel Aviv

Balcony view, Tel Aviv


Mediterranean Sea, Tel Aviv

On the way to Masada

Israeli lunch with all the fixins

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