Scenes from New York

I just got back from a fun trip to New York, where I joined my sister Victoria at her stay at the Four Seasons, Downtown. We were there for 3 nights (courtesy of Breitling, thank you very much) and then I slummed it for two nights at her apartment in Brooklyn Heights. 

With the exception of our arriving day, it was cold and rainy every day but I still enjoyed beautiful dinners, shopping at Century 21, The Oculus, Touring my sisters Offices at One WTC, Spa Day at the hotel and my favorite,  the Met.

Here are a few highlights:

New York City

The Big Apple

I Love New York

Inside the Oculus

One World Trade Center (where my sister works when she's in NY!)

View from the 60th floor at One WTC

View from the 60th floor (the viewing room) at One WTC

View from the 60th floor (the viewing room) at One WTC

The Vogue Library, where every single issue of Vogue is archived (along with Glamour and GQ)

The exceptional stay at Four Seasons, Downtown

The Lobby

Our room on the 16th Floor

Beautiful William Eggleston and David Hockney exhibits at The Met

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