New: Long Peacock Wrap Necklace

AccessoriesJulia Gomelsky

A new necklace idea! This one is quite long (about 70"), so it can be wrapped around the neck several times to desired length (wrap more for shorter necklace). Two iridescent peacock feathers are secured with black and white beads. 

Peacock meaning: Vision, Royalty, Spirituality, Awakening, Guidance, Protection, Abundance. The peacock is also identified with Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth. It is believed that keeping peacock feathers in the home will bring wealth and prosperity.

Peacock feather wrap necklace

Gemstone Necklaces, an Idea in the Making

Accessories, Healing StonesJulia Gomelsky

I've been thinking of new necklace ideas that feature stones and how to use them so they are not only beautiful but secure. I woke up with an idea to use agate since it already has a hole in the center. I don't want to braid these necklaces like I do with the feathers, but have a very simplified design. I'm thinking I need to secure them around so the necklace isn't all over the place. It's a work in progress, but you can see it in its simplest form here.

Green agate

Green agate