Tucson Highlights

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Another successful trip to Tucson is in the books! I look forward to this trip every year when I tag along with my sister and stay at the JW Marriott Starr Pass. That’s where JCK has their annual show (my sister is Editor-in-Chief) and it’s a spectacular place to stay. This year, we had a new addition: my sweet little nephew, Niko, who is almost 3 months old. I was on auntie duty most of the time but managed to get to the gem shows and pick up lots of cool loot! Check out some of the highlights below.

Thank you, Tucson! Til next year!


Tucson 2019

Winter Show in San Francisco

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Thank you to DeeDee at Hunt & Gather in San Francisco for including me in the Winter Show! It was a great night kicking off the winter event with my dreamcatchers, art, jewelry, bath and body, great food, friends and DJ!

Vibe Jewelry at Hunt & Gather

Two dreamcatchers, Kensie and Maureen, found new homes in San Francisco and Canada! We continued the show with a pop shop all weekend. A huge thank you to my dear friend, Carrie, for always being so supportive. She drove up from Livermore (over an hour away) to see me and make some holiday purchases.

Julia and Carrie at Hunt & Gather in San Francisco
Julia and Carrie at Hunt & Gather in San Francisco

It was a great weekend and I’m happy that my dreamcatchers will be there until the Spring Show in March! If you’re in the bay area and are interested in purchasing one, please visit Hunt & Gather in San Francisco and ask for DeeDee Nicky. They will hook you up!

Hunt & Gather is located at 1108 Irving St. San Francisco

DCR Joining the Pop Shop in SF

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I am so excited to announce that Dream Catch Repeat will be one of the makers at the Pop Shop at Hunt & Gather in San Francisco the first weekend in October! If you're in the bay area, please come and visit! I'll have dreamcatchers in all sizes, along with various necklaces, all within a wide of special prices (think holiday shopping!)

Located on Located on Irving at 12th, in the Inner Sunset neighborhood, Hunt & Gather is a a community creative space for workshops, pop ups and art shows, supporting local artist and businesses.

For more info, check out Hunt & Gather 

Hope to see you there!

Holiday Market in Arcadia

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Last Saturday, my sister and I set up shop as a vendor at Artisanal LA Holiday Market in Arcadia. It was a bit of a disappointment in that it wasn't busy, people weren't buying and we were just in the wrong market. Arcadia is predominantly Chinese and let's just say that dreamcatchers are definitely not their aesthetic. But it was a good learning experience and my sister and I had a great day talking shit and bonding. I was very happy with my space, I love the minimal design using nature, letting the dreamcatchers speak for themselves. 

Handmade dreamcatchers, Artisanal LA

DCR Exhibiting at Artisanal LA, Arcadia

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I'm so excited to announce that Dream Catch Repeat will be one of the 150 vendors at Artisanal LA's Arcadia Holiday Event! This is very last minute and I am hustling to stock up inventory with new dreamcatchers in all sizes and necklaces.

If you're in the Arcadia area, please come by and see us!

Here are the details from Artisanal LA

City of Arcadia Holiday Market / December 9 / 11a-6p / South 1st Street, Arcadia
Free + Family Friendly | Free Parking Nearby
Our favorite event of the year! 100+ indie makers, crafters, and chefs line the streets of beautiful Arcadia’s Downtown District for you to shop, sample, and eat your heart out. With twinkling lights, snow, a pet-friendly Santa, holiday music, and more this event is our favorite way to shop local and usher in the Holidays. Produced in partnership with the City of Arcadia and the Downtown Arcadia Improvement Association. Mark your calendars now for this special event.

Downtown Arcadia, Dream Catch Repeat exhibiting at Artisanal LA

Higher Learning

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I'm back from my wonderful weekend of deep rest at my first TM retreat and I want more! I loved spending time alone and also with fellow TM-ers.. meditating in a large group always feels so good. I loved hearing the instructors talk about their experiences with the Maharishi and how TM has changed their lives. It's really inspired me to learn the advanced techniques so I too can gain more peace. Another retreat (next time a week) is definitely in my not-so-distant future.

meditate, Dream Catch Repeat

Free Bird

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This morning, Vick and I went on a hike at Mandeville Canyon that Brody and I used to do all the time and spread his ashes from the top of the mountain. Surprisingly, I felt at peace and didn't even cry! I knew Brody would be so happy to be free and spread in one of the places he loved so much.

It was a beautiful hike and bittersweet, knowing I will never to return.

Brody's ashes
Brody's ashes
Vick holding Brody's ashes
Vick and I at Mandeville Canyon

One Year Passed

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One year ago today, my sweet little Bird flew away. He had many names: Brody Bee, Brody Bear, Brody Bird, Bird, Little Brownie, Munchkin, Happy. Then there's the turkey series, coined by my sister: Turkey, Turkey Pie, Turkey Sandwich, Turducken (her favorite). But Bird is what stuck the most. I miss his sweet, gentle nature, his kind caramel honey eyes, his happy smile. But most of all, I miss being his mom. I miss taking care of him, of making him delicious food (organic beef, salmon, even pork bellies), I miss our long hikes, our meditations together and I miss his beautiful face looking at up at me. He was such a unique boy with his one white paw (my friend use to call him Michael Jackson). He was so unique in fact that I'd often get stopped on the street with people asking me what kind of dog he was (Corgie mix) and commenting how beautiful he was. I was such a proud mama with my beautiful, well-behaved boy. He was so sweet and calm, almost cat-like. Even people who weren't necessarily dog people were drawn to him. He just had a way about him. I was so lucky to have him in my life, he made it so full and happy. I love and miss him beyond words but know he is always with me and I am still learning to live with him in spirit.

Brody Bird

Still Recovering

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Last Saturday, the Gomelsky family joined the Davidovich Family for an epic Russian night out at Romanov's in Studio City and I am still recovering! We have been planning this night with our friend Mark to introduce our parents for months and months and it finally happened! The table was filled with potatoes, meats, caviar and pickled things. There was extreme dancing, extreme entertainment (with acrobatics no less!) and of course, the vodka was flowing very, very, freely! Oh what a night!

Russian night at Romanov, Victoria Gomelsky and Jim Sullivan

And so it begins...

Vika and Jim enjoy vodka and laughs

Romanov Russian Night




Long Walk to the Beach!

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I am so happy that I can still walk to the beach! It's a long walk - 3 miles there and 3 miles back, but I can do it! I had a nice stroll this morning and took in all the sights of my new neighborhood. I just love it all so much. So many cute shops, eateries and bars. There's an oyster/champagne brunch right around the corner, a sweet little ice cream shop, a wine bar with happy hour on Wednesdays, an outdoor BBQ spot and so much more. I just can't get enough of all the new-ness!

Venice Beach
Oysters in Mar Vista, CA
Wine Shop, Mar Vista CA
Ginger's Ice Cream shop, Mar Vista, CA

Mar Vista, Here I come!

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I am soooo excited to be moving to Mar Vista next week! I found the perfect place, that is sunny and spacious with high ceilings, central air and heat, large bathroom, huge walk-in closet, washer/dryer in unit with brand new appliances and a large balcony!

I know I will be even more inspired, creative, peaceful and happy in my new digs. I'm over the moon excited and just bursting with joy! 

Stay tuned for more pics and get ready for an explosion of dreamy items!

Mar Vista, Calif.

Women's March, Downtown LA

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Yesterday, my sister and a group of friends were a part of the Women's March, Los Angles. We march for not only women's rights, but human rights, dignity, equality and democracy everywhere. Basically, shit we shouldn't even have to protest but given the new presidency, we have to. There were and estimated 750K people marching in LA - the largest protest in LA history and the largest group nationwide (with Washington D.C at 200,000, New York at 500,000). I was so proud be a part of the movement and was overwhelmed by the compassion and kindness of people. From the beginning on the metro train, every stop we made, the crowd would cheer and welcome everyone on. Even though were very cramped and where I didn't we could make any more room for the new people boarding, somehow we did. And everyone had a smile on their face! It was truly a remarkable day in history, peaceful everywhere, and one I will never forget.

Goodbye, 2016

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This has been a very trying year for many. It has personally been the worst year of my life with the death of my grandfather and my beloved dog, Brody. I am still heartbroken and filled with incredible sadness over the loss. But with the year ending, I have vowed to let go of feelings that don't serve me anymore. I leave my grief, sadness, anger and every other emotion that I don't want to carry anymore in 2016. To make it ceremonial, I made a list of what I let go and I now look forward to happiness, love and abundance in the new year.