Tucson Highlights

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Another successful trip to Tucson is in the books! I look forward to this trip every year when I tag along with my sister and stay at the JW Marriott Starr Pass. That’s where JCK has their annual show (my sister is Editor-in-Chief) and it’s a spectacular place to stay. This year, we had a new addition: my sweet little nephew, Niko, who is almost 3 months old. I was on auntie duty most of the time but managed to get to the gem shows and pick up lots of cool loot! Check out some of the highlights below.

Thank you, Tucson! Til next year!


Tucson 2019

Scenes from New York

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I just got back from a fun trip to New York, where I joined my sister Victoria at her stay at the Four Seasons, Downtown. We were there for 3 nights (courtesy of Breitling, thank you very much) and then I slummed it for two nights at her apartment in Brooklyn Heights. 

With the exception of our arriving day, it was cold and rainy every day but I still enjoyed beautiful dinners, shopping at Century 21, The Oculus, Touring my sisters Offices at One WTC, Spa Day at the hotel and my favorite,  the Met.

Here are a few highlights:

New York City

The Big Apple

I Love New York

Inside the Oculus

One World Trade Center (where my sister works when she's in NY!)

View from the 60th floor at One WTC

View from the 60th floor (the viewing room) at One WTC

View from the 60th floor (the viewing room) at One WTC

The Vogue Library, where every single issue of Vogue is archived (along with Glamour and GQ)

The exceptional stay at Four Seasons, Downtown

The Lobby

Our room on the 16th Floor

Beautiful William Eggleston and David Hockney exhibits at The Met

Tucson Finds

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I scored in Tucson! I got a box full of crystal quartz, loads of agate for special dreamcatchers, a few gifts for friends (amethyst and pendulums), a gift for myself (glass beads) and even a horn for my dad! I love the magic of Tucson and the gem stones I found!

Annual Trip to Tucson

TravelJulia Gomelsky

It's that time of year again! Every year, I join my sister in Tucson, AZ for the gem shows! This time, we know exactly where to go for the best finds and I plan to full stock up on all gemstones and especially agate! I will be making a special agate collection, so stay tuned!

DreamCatchRepeat travels to Tucson, AZ

Holiday Getaway

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Every Christmas, our friends Michelle (from New York) and Mark (LA) join our family for a very Gomelsky Christmas followed by a getaway the following day. This year, we surprised Mark and Michelle with a trip and kept it a secret until we got there. It was very close, to Topanga, but felt like we were so far away. We stopped in Malibu for a very splashy lunch (with bloody marys all the way around), ocean front enjoying the sun with a little buzz. Then we hung out in the sun some more in the canyon and had a great time belly laughing and talking trash. We ended our night with an incredible dinner at Inn of the Seventh Ray, such a beautiful space, all outdoors with lights everywhere. 

What a memorable, wonderful time we had that I will always remember with a huge smile of all our hilarious moments, jokes, hashtags, mooning and other nonsense!

Holiday getaway to Topanga

Higher Learning

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I'm back from my wonderful weekend of deep rest at my first TM retreat and I want more! I loved spending time alone and also with fellow TM-ers.. meditating in a large group always feels so good. I loved hearing the instructors talk about their experiences with the Maharishi and how TM has changed their lives. It's really inspired me to learn the advanced techniques so I too can gain more peace. Another retreat (next time a week) is definitely in my not-so-distant future.

meditate, Dream Catch Repeat

Highlights from Russia and Israel

TravelJulia Gomelsky

I'm back from a two week whirlwind to Russia and Israel! What a fantastic trip, with full days filled with activities, boat rides and of course, vodka. St. Petersburg is such a beautiful city and I'm so happy we were there at the perfect time to enjoy the White Nights. The weather was brisk and wet some days but also sunny and warm other days. Overall, very pleasant! We ate well, lots of pelemeni dishes (Russian dumplings) and pickled things. We went to the Russian Museum, The Hermitage, took a hydrofoil boat to Peterhof, Peter's summer palace (it's the Versailles of Russia). and visited the home of where my father lived, my mother lived and where we all lived as a family just outside the city. I enjoyed every moment and was such a special trip to experience St. Petersburg with my parents and twin sister. 

Israel was a stark contrast with the Mediterranean weather and high humidity. No time to waste here either! We visited Jerusalem (the Wailing Wall), Masada, the Dead Sea, Tel Aviv and stayed with family in Ashqelon.  We enjoyed Shabbat dinner and got blessed with red strings on our wrists before entering the walls of the Old City in Jerusalem. So many wonderful experiences that are now beautiful memories I will cherish forever. Thank you to my amazing parents for organizing everything and giving us the trip of a lifetime!

St. Peter's Square shot from inside The Hermitage

City streets at night

Canals of St. Petersburg

The crowds at Peterhof

Moody St. Petersburg sky

The Church on the Spilled Blood

Architecture as seen from a boat ride through the canals

The Russian Vodka Museum

The Opening of the Bridge, shot from a boat ride

The Neva River

Inside the Old City walls, Jerusalem

Tel Aviv

Balcony view, Tel Aviv


Mediterranean Sea, Tel Aviv

On the way to Masada

Israeli lunch with all the fixins

Family Trip to St. Petersburg

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Every year, I travel by myself out of the country to celebrate my birthday. This year will be a little different with a Gomelsky family trip to our birthplace, St. Petersburg! I haven't been back since we left when we were 5 years old, so it will be special to see where we hail from with the whole family. Even my sister's boyfriend, Jim is coming along!

St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia

Escape to Ojai

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Day trip to Ojai with my friend, Marie. Her father recently passed away and she's been feeling lost, so I thought a trip to Ojai would help her soul. She's never been before and I find Ojai so magical and healing. She loved it and can't wait to go back! We lunched, shopped, meditated and of course, wine tasted! Just what the soul needs - some sun, friendship and wine!

Meditation Mount

Meditation Mount