Agate Necklace

Julia Gomelsky

I'm re-thinking the gemstone necklace idea and had an interesting thought this morning. Here are a couple prototypes. I'm still working on perfecting them but like where it's heading.


Gemstone Necklaces, an Idea in the Making

Accessories, Healing StonesJulia Gomelsky

I've been thinking of new necklace ideas that feature stones and how to use them so they are not only beautiful but secure. I woke up with an idea to use agate since it already has a hole in the center. I don't want to braid these necklaces like I do with the feathers, but have a very simplified design. I'm thinking I need to secure them around so the necklace isn't all over the place. It's a work in progress, but you can see it in its simplest form here.

Green agate

Green agate

Higher Learning

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I'm back from my wonderful weekend of deep rest at my first TM retreat and I want more! I loved spending time alone and also with fellow TM-ers.. meditating in a large group always feels so good. I loved hearing the instructors talk about their experiences with the Maharishi and how TM has changed their lives. It's really inspired me to learn the advanced techniques so I too can gain more peace. Another retreat (next time a week) is definitely in my not-so-distant future.

meditate, Dream Catch Repeat


Julia Gomelsky

Today my good friend, Marie Therese came over to model my dreamcatcher necklaces. I styled all the photos in my outfits and picked the perfect necklace for each. We had so much fun! Here are a couple of shots in my camera. All images will be on the site soon!

Photoshoot, dreamcatcher necklaces, Dream Catch Repeat
Photoshoot, dreamcatcher necklaces, Dream Catch Repeat

Dreamcatcher for Healing

Dreamcatcher, Healing StonesJulia Gomelsky

I was recently commissioned to create a dreamcatcher for a friend who just lost her dad (and best friend) unexpectedly. I was honored to make something for grief, loss, healing and hope all at the same time. I decided to go with all white, including white gold tipped feathers, because they remind me of angel wings. I carefully chose the stone fluorite for its healing properties in times of challenge. It can help bring more structure in everyday life, making people physically, emotionally, and mentally prepared to overcome both small and big challenges. In times of confusion, loss or emptiness, the uplifting energies of this crystal will be a reassurance that everything’s going to be alright. 

I also added two rose quartz (also known as the "love stone") stones for extra love, which everyone needs, especially in times of loss to help in healing.

This medium dreamcatcher is called Hally.

Custom handmade dreamcatcher with healing stones, Dream Catch Repeat

Stocking Up on Inventory

StyleJulia Gomelsky

The dreamcatcher necklaces are a hit! I'll add them on the site soon, when my inventory is a little more built up. But in the meantime, check out the stock! Available in light tan, light brown, dark brown and black currently but will add grey and red soon. All necklaces are long with neutral colored feathers. Stones will be added to the final batch later this year!

Dreamcatcher Necklaces

StyleJulia Gomelsky

Since the dreamcatcher barrettes didn't work out so well (see images below: they looked great but not durable enough), I'm now moving on to necklaces! I'm playing around with offering three styles: one minimal with suede only, one with feathers and one with feathers and stones.

So far, I've just made a few plain ones and really like how they're coming out. Stay tuned to see how the others develop!

Here I am modeling my dreamcatcher necklace in light suede

Here I am modeling my dreamcatcher necklace in light suede

Dreamcatcher barrette in dark with feathers and Swarovski stones

Dreamcatcher barrette in dark with feathers and Swarovski stones

Dreamcatcher barrette in light with feathers and Amazonite stone

Dreamcatcher barrette in light with feathers and Amazonite stone

My Urban Garden

NatureJulia Gomelsky

Lately, I've been so obsessed with herbs and succulents. I've killed a few but recently went to Orchard and bought new herbs (jalapeno, basil and mint), pots and special soil. I re-planted them with care and extra love, so I hope they live and thrive! 

Buddah watches over the herbs

Buddah watches over the herbs

The Making of a Dreamcatcher

DreamcatcherJulia Gomelsky

I don't give too much thought into a dreamcatcher, I just start making it and let it come to me. This time was no different. I bought grey suede which is a new color and I got to work making the center circle. After a few days, when I felt inspired, I added the pieces for the feathers. I really liked how it was shaping up, very full and beautiful. I thought about feathers - pink, white, grey, black but finally went with grey and white for this medium dreamcatcher. I used Amazonite for the center stone to give it a pop of color. 

I named her DANIELLE and she's available for purchase.

Medium dreamcatcher, handmade by Julia Gomelsky
Dreamcatcher, handmade by Julia Gomelsky
Dreamcatcher, handmade by Julia Gomelsky

The finished product

Summer Reading

ReadingJulia Gomelsky

Summer reading is under way with these great books! I just started "The Butterfly Garden", a creepy tale of a "gardener" who collects young beautiful girls in his garden and tattoos giant wings on their backs.

Next up will be "A Man Called Ove", since I think I will be ready for a funny read after the Butterfly Garden. I will conclude my summer reading with "The Shack", where I will surely ball my eyes out.

Thanks, Barnes & Noble!

For more info on the books:

Summer reading

Lazy Sunday at my Parents Retreat

Family, NatureJulia Gomelsky

This weekend, we had a birthday party for my sister's boyfriend's daughter, Jamey, who is turning 6. My parents had it out at their house since there's plenty of space and a pool. Lots of kids, plenty of babies and thirsty adults were in attendance and big fun was had by all, especially the vodka shots my dad initiates! Today, the house is clean and quiet and back to normal. I love sitting by the pool in the morning sun, reading, reflecting and relaxing (the three R's!). 

Gomelsky Eichler home, Granada Hills, CA
Gomelsky Eichler home, Granada Hills, CA

Highlights from Russia and Israel

TravelJulia Gomelsky

I'm back from a two week whirlwind to Russia and Israel! What a fantastic trip, with full days filled with activities, boat rides and of course, vodka. St. Petersburg is such a beautiful city and I'm so happy we were there at the perfect time to enjoy the White Nights. The weather was brisk and wet some days but also sunny and warm other days. Overall, very pleasant! We ate well, lots of pelemeni dishes (Russian dumplings) and pickled things. We went to the Russian Museum, The Hermitage, took a hydrofoil boat to Peterhof, Peter's summer palace (it's the Versailles of Russia). and visited the home of where my father lived, my mother lived and where we all lived as a family just outside the city. I enjoyed every moment and was such a special trip to experience St. Petersburg with my parents and twin sister. 

Israel was a stark contrast with the Mediterranean weather and high humidity. No time to waste here either! We visited Jerusalem (the Wailing Wall), Masada, the Dead Sea, Tel Aviv and stayed with family in Ashqelon.  We enjoyed Shabbat dinner and got blessed with red strings on our wrists before entering the walls of the Old City in Jerusalem. So many wonderful experiences that are now beautiful memories I will cherish forever. Thank you to my amazing parents for organizing everything and giving us the trip of a lifetime!

St. Peter's Square shot from inside The Hermitage

City streets at night

Canals of St. Petersburg

The crowds at Peterhof

Moody St. Petersburg sky

The Church on the Spilled Blood

Architecture as seen from a boat ride through the canals

The Russian Vodka Museum

The Opening of the Bridge, shot from a boat ride

The Neva River

Inside the Old City walls, Jerusalem

Tel Aviv

Balcony view, Tel Aviv


Mediterranean Sea, Tel Aviv

On the way to Masada

Israeli lunch with all the fixins

Family Trip to St. Petersburg

Family, TravelJulia Gomelsky

Every year, I travel by myself out of the country to celebrate my birthday. This year will be a little different with a Gomelsky family trip to our birthplace, St. Petersburg! I haven't been back since we left when we were 5 years old, so it will be special to see where we hail from with the whole family. Even my sister's boyfriend, Jim is coming along!

St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia

Goodbye, Baby Bird

NatureJulia Gomelsky

Very sad news to report: the baby bird egg that was nesting on my balcony didn't make it. I noticed some twigs and a good part of the nest on the ground outside and when I came out to investigate, I found the broken egg on the ground. The mama bird was not in the nest and I don't know what happened. Perhaps another bird (a predator) came along and tried to eat it? Or maybe the mom or baby was sick and she sacrificed it? I'm not sure but I was very sad to see it. I was excited for a baby bird or two to hatch and live here. I was coming outside everyday and saying hello to the mama and asking how the baby was doing. She would just stare at me, as if she knew what I was saying. She was not threatened by me at all and never flew away.

On a brighter note, mama did come back to sit on the rail and was soon joined by another bird (perhaps the papa?). They were looking around, at the nest, as if trying to figure out what happened. Then she flew up and sat in the nest for a moment before flying off again. 

I really hope they come back, rebuild and a healthy baby hatches soon.

RIP little bird

RIP little bird

Birds come back to sit on rail, contemplating their next steps

Birds come back to sit on rail, contemplating their next steps